J.S. Held Global Risk Report Reveals Business Opportunities Amid Uncertainty

El informe de riesgo global inaugural de J.S. Held examina los posibles riesgos y oportunidades comerciales en 2024

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23 de enero de 2024
J.S. Held's Inaugural Global Risk Report
J.S. Held's Inaugural Global Risk Report

The J.S. Held Global Risk Report presents actionable insights that support strategic business decision-making.


JERICHO, N.Y. January 23, 2024 Global consulting firm J.S. Held introduces the 2024 Global Risk Report against the backdrop of significant geopolitical shifts, regulatory developments, economic pressures, and technological advancements leading to widespread impacts that reverberated across the global business landscape in 2023.

The J.S. Held 2024 Global Risk Report, explores six critical and interconnected global issues and implications for business strategic planning and decision-making, including:

  • Populism & The 2024 Election Megacycle
  • Chinese Economy & Foreign Investment
  • AI Uncertainty - The Intersection of Innovation, Risk & Regulation
  • Climate Change, Weather, and Other Natural Disasters
  • Extraterritorial Expansion of ESG Laws & Policies – Complexities for Responsible Business Management
  • Political Risk from Government Intervention

The 30-plus technical, scientific, financial, and strategic experts who contributed to the J.S. Held Risk report have collaboratively parsed not only each risk independently but at their unique points of intersection to create a framework to support business decision-making that reveals global business opportunities. “The six macro topics speak to the risk and opportunities that we address with our clients every day, topics that keep CEOs, CFOs, Chief Legal Officers, and Boards of Directors up at night,” noted Greg Esslinger, Executive Vice President and Global Investigations Practice Leader.

The report features unique experts' insights into how these significant issues interconnect and the business opportunities that arise from this multidisciplinary and integrated perspective. The depth and breadth of our work in the insurance market provide a strong foundation in risk assessment, data analysis, global awareness, regulatory compliance, technological adaptability, and risk mitigation. Collectively, these skills better equip our experts to assess business risk across diverse geographies, geopolitical landscapes, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements.

Michael Jacoby of Phoenix Management, a part of J.S. Held, who has advised more than 400 clients in a variety of industries, including roles as an independent director and interim manager for 30 companies, notes, “the J.S. Held Risk Report is unique in that it provides actionable insights to support strategic decision-making.”

Consistent with our approach to business advisory, the insights shared in the J.S. Held Risk Report contemplate risk across multiple lines of sight, leveraging the unique combination of technical, scientific, financial, and strategic expertise from more than 1500 experts on six continents. Experts who serve on corporate boards of directors, former c-suite executives before their advisory career, former attorneys, regulators, and other government officials, credentialed scientists, and engineers, each providing a unique perspective as trusted advisors to more than 8,000 clients a year.

“Our agile, collaborative, and creative client-centric team provides solution-forward advisory to our clients across the globe, no matter the scope or complexity of a project; the J.S. Held Global Risk Report is reflective of the trusted advisor role we have earned over the last fifty years,” noted J.S. Held President and Chief Executive Officer Jonathon Held.

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss the risks and opportunities outlined in the report, please email [email protected].

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